We ain’t doing this……..

Writing a blog for years is arduous business.  Life changes, priorities change and then there is no more blog.

In progress – Little House AC/DC electric center

Folks write blogs for beaucoup reasons.  Some want the notoriety ( Look at me! Look what I did!), some want to overshare because after all this is the era where Social Media rules.   Some want the extra cash that comes with displaying ads and belonging to an affiliate network.  Some just want an outlet for their thoughts.  Irregardless of the reason,  you don’t author a blog and then hope it goes unread.

I am going on six months here at the Secret Hideout and if I could figure out a way to  get perishables like meat and produce delivered here;  I would seldom leave.  I got sideboards on my plate and  it is still spilling over.  A garden, orchard, Little House construction and beekeeping are in progress.  I got chickens up on the near radar and the  South Texas Puckerbrush is a fading memory  – hopefully not revisited.  Progress is slow and methodical;  one old man trying to work smarter and not harder.

Little House cuarto de bano – sorta kinda

One of the themes recurring on a good portion of blogs is the Exit Pity Party.  In an effort to garner even more attention,  a blog author will announce his/her retirement and then the comments flood in from readers.  “Oh please don’t go! ,  I have been reading for years and will miss you bad!”  ad nauseum.   Predictably, the author relents and business continues as  usual.

Prepping the garden – go big or go home

Not this cat daddy.   Helping support the richest man in the  world via ever-reduced Amazon  affiliate advertising galls me,  my happiness is not tied to fawning attention from readers,  my privacy is ever more important because there is some bad shit afoot in this world and as mentioned   – my dance card is full.



It has been real; it has been fun,  but it is no longer real fun.  So that’s it ……….  Stick a fork in me;  I’m done.

Hasta la vista baby!


Things goin’ on

Electricity being installed

Ramping up to start the new blog even though the build out on the Little House goes on relentlessly every day.

I am 62 years old today…….  and working harder and enjoying life more than I have in a decade.