We ain’t doing this……..

Writing a blog for years is arduous business.  Life changes, priorities change and then there is no more blog.

In progress – Little House AC/DC electric center

Folks write blogs for beaucoup reasons.  Some want the notoriety ( Look at me! Look what I did!), some want to overshare because after all this is the era where Social Media rules.   Some want the extra cash that comes with displaying ads and belonging to an affiliate network.  Some just want an outlet for their thoughts.  Irregardless of the reason,  you don’t author a blog and then hope it goes unread.

I am going on six months here at the Secret Hideout and if I could figure out a way to  get perishables like meat and produce delivered here;  I would seldom leave.  I got sideboards on my plate and  it is still spilling over.  A garden, orchard, Little House construction and beekeeping are in progress.  I got chickens up on the near radar and the  South Texas Puckerbrush is a fading memory  – hopefully not revisited.  Progress is slow and methodical;  one old man trying to work smarter and not harder.

Little House cuarto de bano – sorta kinda

One of the themes recurring on a good portion of blogs is the Exit Pity Party.  In an effort to garner even more attention,  a blog author will announce his/her retirement and then the comments flood in from readers.  “Oh please don’t go! ,  I have been reading for years and will miss you bad!”  ad nauseum.   Predictably, the author relents and business continues as  usual.

Prepping the garden – go big or go home

Not this cat daddy.   Helping support the richest man in the  world via ever-reduced Amazon  affiliate advertising galls me,  my happiness is not tied to fawning attention from readers,  my privacy is ever more important because there is some bad shit afoot in this world and as mentioned   – my dance card is full.



It has been real; it has been fun,  but it is no longer real fun.  So that’s it ……….  Stick a fork in me;  I’m done.

Hasta la vista baby!


More Cleanin’

Progressive Industries Factory Reconditioned EMS-PT30C Surge Protector – $200

New in the box, opened to take pictures and check function. 30amp portable unit.

The Progressive EMS-PT30C RV Surge Protector provides high & low voltage protection, whenever source power falls below 104 Volts, or rises above 132 volts and will automatically shut down power to the RV. Once the AC source rises above 104-volts, or below the 132-volt level the time delay indicator flashes for the preset time and then automatically restores power to RV.

3-Mode surge protection: This feature provides full surge protection L-N, L-G, and N-G. Joule rating is 1780, response time of <1 nano second.

Surge Indicator: If ever a power surge damages the surge protector circuit within the EMS L-N, or L-G Digital display error code will read E-10. This is your indication that it needs to be replaced.

Reverse polarity protection: If source is a reverse polarity condition, the EMS will not allow power to the RV and the error code will read E1.

Open neutral protection: If the source has an open neutral condition the display will not light, and will not allow power to the RV.

Open ground protection: If source power has an open ground condition the EMS will read an error code of E2 and will not allow power to the RV.

AC Frequency Protection: If source power frequency deviants +/- 9 hertz from 60 cycles per second the EMS will shut down source power, and indicate an E7 or E8 error code on the digital display.

Accidental 220V protection: If 220 volts is detected when plugging into source power the EMS will not allow power to the RV. If this condition occurs while power is applied to the RV, the EMS shuts off power instantly. The display will read the voltage and the appropriate error code.

Integrated information panel: Scrolls continuously all of the power source information, voltage, current, frequency, error codes, and previous errors. Each reading is displayed for 2 seconds

Previous error code: This feature tells the user why the EMS previously interrupted power to the RV. This is only displayed if an error actually occurs and goes away when power is disconnected.

Weather resistant: Can be exposed to elements, may not be submerged.

Microprocessor controlled: The computer, is driven by state of the art microprocessors that are programmed with software to drive the entire EMS.

Built in Lock Bracket: Allows the user to secure to power source to prevent theft.
Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
Dimensions: 5″ W x 3″ L x 16 1/2″ H


Cleanin’ House

For Sale  – Local Pickup in Central Texas ONLY!

Great for preppers, jeep expeditions, off grid living, camping or hunting.
Originally designed to keep vaccinations and or blood at optimum temperatures during transport. This versatile system precisely maintains payload temperatures with dual setting capability for +4°C (39.2°F) OR -22°C (-7.6°F) operation. There is no thermostat, just cool or freeze settings. It is housed in a super insulated Pelican hard case which protects it during hard use and has heavy duty latches and handles on all sides. It even has filters on the air intake for the compressor! The case has a few scrapes and scratches that do not affect operation. These units seldom come up for public sale; I searched for 8 months to find this one.

The unit was never used and was taken out of military service in 2013. I bought it new in the box and used it once for a few hours; recent lifestyle changes negate its’ usefulness to me. (I retired from the South Texas oil patch in December.)

It will run off of 12-28V DC or 110-240 AC, as well as from two rechargeable battery’s THAT ARE NEW and can run for up to two days on the battery’s alone. This unit includes new battery packs . Included are all the power cords, instruction manuals and DVDs.
Refer to manufactures website for more information —

Original cost to the government was over $10,000. The photos were taken January 12, 2018 during operational testing and show the actual unit of that you will receive.

This is a MADE IN THE USA product.

(note the size and weight)

Hold Times Below 10°C (Internal Battery Run Time):
• 14 hours at 43°C (110°F) ambient
• 48 hours at 25°C (77°F) ambient
Estimated Power Consumption (Refrigeration Mode):
• 12 Watts at 25°C (77°F)
• 35 Watts at 43°C (110°F)
• 55 Watts at 49°C (120°F)
Internal Temperature.
• Refrigerator mode set-point: 3.5°C (39.2°F)
• Freezer mode set-point: -22°C (-7.6°F)
Payload Volume:56.6 liters (2 ft3)
Payload Dimensions:33.0 cm x 35.6 cm x 45.7 cm
(H x W x L) (13 in x 14 in x 18 in)
External Dimensions:55.4 cm x 53.3 cm x 95.2 cm
(H x W x L) (21.8 in x 21 in x 37.5 in)
Empty Weight:64.5 kg (142 lb)

Things goin’ on

Electricity being installed

Ramping up to start the new blog even though the build out on the Little House goes on relentlessly every day.

I am 62 years old today…….  and working harder and enjoying life more than I have in a decade.